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4 Plants to Keep Ants Off Your Property

Ants are one of nature’s miracles. However, these super-powerful, organized and intelligent social bugs can become a major bane if they infest your home and garden. They are voracious eaters that munch everything in their path. And needless to say, cause pain and discomfort if you get in their way!

While it is important to check the infestation, it is also important to stick to less harmful ways to tackle them. So, if you are wondering, “what can help with my ant problem” here are some of the most common plants that can help you say bye to the hardworking ant colony that has been living under your floorboard for years (without resorting to chemical warfare). Happy reading!

Flower Power: Plants that Keep Ants at Bay

But before moving to the list, let’s understand why do certain plants repel ants.

Ants are social insects that are the epitome of …